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Insight of the Week from Becki

BeckiWe all know kids need physical activity for their health, as well as building motor skills in a growing body. But some kids avoid, struggle, or shut down when it comes to physical activity, especially at school in PE class.

Many of us have frustrating memories from gym class. I remember doing the Presidential Fitness test and feeling great about the sit and reach, and flex-arm hang, but for the life of me, I couldn’t do a pull-up, keep up with my peers on sit-ups, or make it to the top of that rope.

My current Bridging® insights finally explained why I struggled with select aspects of the testing back in PE class.

PE/Gym/Wellness class struggles?

When I talk with kids that co

me into the office, they seem to fall into two groups — they love gym class, or they would do anything to avoid it.

Some kids struggle with endurance, coordination, or both. It’s often not a matter of trying harder. Due to earlier events in life, your child may genuinely have a harder time.

For children struggling with PE class, we find a mix of the four interrupters of movement in their background:

  1. Injuries
  2. Illness
  3. Medical Interventions
  4. Early life/birth events

The good news is that these can change!

How does Bridging® uniquely help endurance and coordination?

The Bridging® assessment looks at your foundational movements and transitions, which are initially formed in this early period of life.

We can identify tight, loose, or incomplete muscle coordination. We then support the muscles and reset how they work together for improvements in strength, speed, and endurance without working out.

Being active is so vitally important overall to your child’s health. Bridging® lets your child participate in activities more easily.