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Insight of the Week from Cara

Clients who have an autoimmune condition are very tuned in to their ability to be active. However, there may be more impeding activity than the autoimmune effects.

More than autoimmune disease may be impacting you

We find some of your specific physical limitations may relate to ordinary factors–the events that have happened over the years which interrupt your body’s ability to easily move. These common disrupters of micromovements include:

  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Medical procedures such as surgery
  • Early life/birth events

Assessing and problem-solving is how we uncover the issues which affect a specific pain or movement challenge. By resolving the impact of the disruption, your overall movement is easier and less stressful on your joints.

Bridging’s targeted approach to problem-solving considers a wider range of solutions than other professionals.

In this week’s video case study our guest, Cheree, has RA which makes her joints stiff. Her knee injury and replacement created a separate block to easy movement. These changed with Bridging┬«.

Do you or a family member have an autoimmune condition that affects your or their ability to be active? Contact us. We are happy to see how Bridging® can help.