Active Living

Staying active with Kinetic Konnections

“I’m afraid to join my family because it’s so hard to keep up, but I don’t want to miss the special times together.”

“Staying independent in my home is really important. Sometimes I feel like getting out of bed is harder than is should be and I feel a bit unsteady.”

Active and independent is the way we all envision our lives. When reality begins to change, it’s not always just from getting older. Often we find specific events in life have made movement and balance harder than they need to be.

Yes, it can change and we can help.

How We Help

Often, we meet clients like you because we have helped other family members. They know that our process is gentle and results are tangible and long-lasting, and suggest going so that you can get back to being active with the rest of the family.

In our unique discovery process, we look at your life’s experiences to see how they may impact the specific things causing you challenges on a daily basis. Very often medical procedures in the past are at the root of what is bothering you. They caused your body to compensate for the trauma and the compensations never reset back to your normal functional movements. Long forgotten injuries also have an unsuspecting influence so many years later.

We’ll identify these events and challenges, and work to reset your body’s functional movements so you can be more active again.

Some of the common things we find still impacting you are:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Falls, bike spills, or auto accidents from years past
  • Bad coughing/respiratory infections

Next Steps

We help with linking the movement from all the parts of your body together to coordinate well with balance and vision. This leaves you feeling more secure in your daily movements, and able to join in family activities more confidently.

If this resonates with you, here are the next steps:

  1. Schedule your first appointment at a time that fits your life. The entire team is available to work with older adults to regain confidence and ability with movement.
  2. Read about the first visit.
  3. Complete the intake information.
  4. Relax.

We recommend planning on at least two sessions to help with the most immediate problems. Our active adult clients often like to come every 6-10 weeks, so they don’t get sidelined by whatever has come at them in life. Coming back on an as needed basis is also fine.

“I thought it was just regular aging, not anything important. But after my first session I walked out of there saying, “Jeepers, I feel 10 years younger!” Donna B. (80)

Read more about the ways The Bridging Institute keeps Donna moving and active.

Client Stories

A recent client in his early 90’s was leading an active life but could tell that his balance wasn’t what it used to be. The way he gets around, you’d never guess he had brain surgery in his past. Surprisingly though, we found old leg injuries were affecting his balance more than the head surgery. We worked with him to reset his legs with his core to reestablish a stronger sense of balance. He feels much better and looks forward to his “tune-up” visits.

One of our client’s mother is in her 80’s and busy traveling and entertaining. However, with a number of serious medical interventions in her past she was starting to feel more hesitant to visit friends. We found that past surgeries and fractures had thrown off her balance and reaction times. By reintegrating core and leg movements, getting around has gotten much easier for her because it no longer takes as much effort to move.

A 70-something client was in so much pain. More importantly she was upset that she could no longer travel with the pain. After several sessions over several months, she felt a tremendous amount of relief in the pain level.  While she still has some pain, it’s manageable. Getting around is now easier and there is a friend’s birthday celebration out of state to go to!

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