Unresolved Pain?

Unresolved pain help with Kinetic Konnections

“I’ve been to so many specialists and tried so many things. My friends are tired of hearing about the pain and my family thinks I’m making it up. Medication causes other issues. I feel all my waking hours are spent just trying to get by.”

Clients come to see us because there is back, hip, or shoulder pain that won’t go away. Pain relievers aren’t a great solution and sleep is affected. Specialist after specialist has told you everything is fine on the imaging, so you don’t understand why the pain won’t go away.

Often we find chronic pain usually has a root in events much earlier in life than anyone has thought to ask. Your body began to compensate for a past injury or trauma, which then continued to mount with each subsequent traumatic event that has happened to your body.

Yes, it can change and we can help. We can untangle your body’s compensations and reset your essential functional movements to get you back on track and pain free.

How We Help

We look at life’s experiences and often there is an injury or medical procedure that played havoc. The earlier in life, many times the more significant.

We help with linking the systematic movement of all the parts of your body together to coordinate well with balance and vision. When these relationships are flowing your pain melts away, and stays away.

Some of the common events we find impacting are:

  • Falls, bike spills, or auto accidents
  • Medical procedures (gallbladder, appendix, and C-section are most common)
  • Respiratory or GI viral events
  • Head injuries

Next Steps

If all of this resonates with you, here are the next steps:

  1. Schedule your first appointment at a time that fits your life. The entire team is pretty good at pain detective work, so feel free to meet with any of our specialists.
  2. Read about the first visit.
  3. Complete the intake information.
  4. Relax.

Your follow up schedule will usually be 2-3 more times, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. These are 55-minute appointments. Depending upon your specific history we will give you a recommended plan with a goal of getting back to an active life!

I have suffered from joint pain for years, maybe decades… After just one session I was relatively pain free.” Diane Y (55)

Read more about how The Bridging Institute sorted through Diane’s life’s events to find and resolve the real cause for her chronic pain.

Client Stories

Barely able to walk due to hip pain and having to plan a simple trip to the grocery store to minimize walking, this was the reality for a new client in her late 50’s. This wasn’t the quality of life she imagined and she was beginning to wonder what her 60’s would bring. We found the root cause of her pain to be layers of compensations from surgeries over the years, especially an emergency appendectomy at age 21. By restoring core movement symmetry and the interconnections from her core and legs, that pain began to lessen. Movement became easier and she even was able to participate in the family vacation activities!

A client came to us after living with hip pain for over thirty years. She saw several specialists with no medical relief or explanation. Surgery wasn’t recommended since there was no joint damage. After digging into her past and analyzing her movements, we found a teenage accident causing an asymmetric postural compensation to be at the root of her issues. After resetting her body’s functional movements, amazingly the pain subsided right away—after 30+ years!

Growing pains are a tough reality! It broke our heart to watch a young man come in who could barely walk due to the pain in his ankles and knees. We identified that a birth situation created stress on the diaphragm function. This tightened up the core which tightened the hip flexors which tightened the knees and ankles. Once we cleared the core diaphragm issues, the leg joints were able to reintegrate and loosen. He was back to playing sports and being an active pre-teen!

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