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Jim & Brian’s “Friendly Competition”

One thing that keeps people going in terms of working out is having someone to help motivate them. Another way of looking at it could be friendly competition between friends. Meet Jim Maratea and Brian Ahern — workout buddies. Jim has been working out at Fully Fit for several months and Brian for several years. Both learned about the Fully Fit WorkOut program from their wives. Since they started working out on the same day, twice a week, they have become friends.

[image url=”” alignment=”left” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”10″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”10″ width=”200″ height=”250″]Brian and Jim admit that having a little harmless competition when working out is a good thing. Brian says “we egg each other on, as well as everyone in the session. We hassle and tease in a good natured way.” Jim, on the other hand, says he competes with himself more than others. “When I see Brian picking up a heavier weight, I see that as a challenge and then I challenge myself too by picking up a heavier weight as well. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.” Jim says with a chuckle.

Jim says, “In class we have a wide range of skill set and strength. It helps motivate you, but you also have to know your limitations. You have to push yourself.”

Brian and Jim play golf and insisted that working out with Cara has helped improve their game. Brian says, “I have more stamina and can hit the ball a lot farther.” Jim adds, “The core strengthening exercises help with my balance and weight shifting, which improved my swing.”

With the demands of life, it can be hard to find time to work out, but Brian and Jim schedule it into their busy lives. “It is a matter of making it a part of your routine. Work is automatic and so is working out. You have to make it part of your schedule.” says Jim. Brian has a similar response, “I schedule it twice a week no matter what. I also work out with my wife and she keeps me going.”

Jim and Brian have noticed improvement in their strength. Brian feels he is stronger overall, has lost weight and has fewer back problems. Jim is dropping sizes, losing weight and his clothes fit better. He is converting fat into muscle and couldn’t be happier. “Fully Fit is positive reinforcement!” Jim says cheerfully.