Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

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Agelessly Truly Means ALL Ages 😍

Keeping four generations moving — what a great Bridging® story! Throughout the past year we’ve shared many specific examples of how our clients’ pain and movement challenges have been helped by Bridging, no matter their age. Each discussion and topic sought to include a multi-age perspective. The Collins’ family story brings the multi-age aspect of […]

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Feeling Off? Kids’ Behavior Off? Here Are Some Reasons at This Time of Year …

This week we’re seeing an uptick in … Kids needing a regulatory reset. They are having a tough time with: sleep behavior sensory sensitivity Adults needing a post-covid or flu reset. They want help with: shallow breathing poor sleep low energy achy joints Is this you or your family? We can help. Bridging®’s gentle micromovements […]

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Foot Surgery and Still Have Pain, Swelling, or Balance Concerns?

Facts about feet issues and surgeries Bunions affect approximately 25-30% of adults. Most common foot surgeries are to address: bunions hammer toes tendon release neuroma metatarsal repair Feet still hurting after surgery? Your feet may have been hurting so bad that surgery seemed like the best solution. Surgery is finished, your foot is healed, and […]

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Crazy Question: What If Your Core Never Really Worked the Right Way?

Core activation fiction Do you have to work harder than others to keep a strong and active core? Looking for clues to unresolved pain, stiffness, or anxiety — all common when the core activation isn’t fully developed? The sports industry, exercise world, and pop culture would have us believe that all we need for a […]

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Core Exercise vs. Activation

Have you been told you need to activate your core muscles before exercising or lifting? You are returning to your active lifestyle and workout routines. A common part of a well-rounded workout routine focuses on your core. Great core function is much more than doing a bunch of crunches. However, when choosing any core exercise […]

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