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Muscle Activation: Wow!

Attended a workshop last summer to learn Muscle Activation Techniques as a way to get faster and better results for clients. I had noticed some clients just seemed ‘stuck’ and had a hard time moving to the next level of skill proficiency. The process was developed by Greg Roskopf ( for use with athletes. From there the concepts have been used to help many people with flexibility and pain from poor alignments and muscle imbalances. I have been applying the concepts with great success since and continue to be amazed at the results, both with children and adults.

I finally had the chance to let my colleague, Mark Tolle (Fit to Perform) balance out my mis-alignments. WOW!!! So many ways I’ve noticed change including the ease of movement, lessened knee stress, uncurled toes, posture improvements to name a few. The biggest change I’ve been documenting is my heart rate during training; lower at increased intensity. I guess all of the muscular efficiency reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system. Imagine that!

I’ve much more to write about what is resulting from integrating Muscle Activation into my practice so stay tuned.