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PelviCore-Sneak Preview

Saturday I had the privilege to meet with Christina Christie, PT, who is the brains behind a new fitness gizmo called the PelviCore ( ). She specializes in therapy to improve pelvic floor functions which positively impact basic stuff like incontinence and uterine prolapse. Functionally the pelvic floor is tied to the pelvic girdle rotator muscles below and core muscles above. Improving the function of everything tied into the pelvic floor improves the function of the pelvic floor itself. For middle-aged women (and some men) this is a great way to get a two-fer…core and functional strength training to help improve the nasty after effects of childbirth and pregnancy.

Anyway, the fitness gizmo is ball-based and is a simple way to get key functions of the hip working better which, in turn, improves the pelvic floor function. Looks a little silly but a group trying it out last week were reportedly rather sore in good places.

I’ve had people tell me that my functional core training resulted in improvements with incontinence and now I have a better understanding of why. All of those crazy squats, lunges, rotations and reaches really are good for something on the inside besides great legs and glutes.