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Summer Boo-Boo’s Summer 2013 post

Amazing that we are halfway through the summer, yet not half way done with summer plans. Whether barbequing, biking, boating or traveling, please be careful! We find summer fun sometimes yields summer boo-boo’s.

But you didn’t get seriously hurt, you say? Thank goodness! However big or small, incidents with significant impact still leave their signature in the body.  Similar to the dent on your car from an impact, the human body compresses to absorb impact. If you’re lucky the dent to your car can be popped out by the body shop without residual damage. Our bodies are much the same—the compression can be ‘fluffed’ out so everything feels better and functions better.

We use Kinetic Bridging® to ‘fluff’ out areas where the body has been compressed. Auto accidents, hockey, baseball and football hits, or plain old trip and falls. We reset the muscle memory affected by the impact.

Some Interesting Insights emerging include:
• More broken wrists! The fracture and immobilization lead to dysfunction of the hand and stress in the shoulder and neck area. When a fracture happens at a young age (under 6) we have seen impacts to stability sequences in the entire body. It’s almost as if someone pulled a thread in the bodies fabric causing wrinkles in function to emanate from the wrist area. Yes, these can be unstuck and straightened out once we know what the root cause is.
• Babies who are not grabbing or babbling. These babies are growing but not developing properly. We have recently seen a few babies under 6 months of age. They immediately begin reaching out and moving about to explore their world as soon as early infant stability sequences are reset. Its so cool to watch them progress through weeks of development in minutes. Almost as if they were un-paused… we hear them begin babbling too. So amazing!
• Social awkwardness. Experts tell us about 85% of communication is by non-verbal cues with the balance comprised of the tone and words used. When visual processing is poor it impacts social skills of children, especially teens. We consistently see social skills improve when the body becomes more stable allowing visual processing to be more fluent. It’s a joy when we hear of the blossoming social lives of the children we’ve worked with. It really is all about having friendships!

Move, think and feel more confidently in just a few sessions. We reset your Intrinsic Stabilizing Sequences™ using the passive stretching technique Kinetic Bridging ®.