Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

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Agelessly Truly Means ALL Ages 😍

Keeping four generations moving — what a great Bridging® story! Throughout the past year we’ve shared many specific examples of how our clients’ pain and movement challenges have been helped by Bridging, no matter their age. Each discussion and topic sought to include a multi-age perspective. The Collins’ family story brings the multi-age aspect of […]

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Directionally Challenged? Your Early Movement Holds a Key

The theme for this week … Yes, we work with little ones too. They are learning to be active, and being active helps them learn! Crawling is a well-known milestone in infant development, and for some it doesn’t quite come together. Does crawling still matter? Research says yes! Read on … Crawl now so your teen […]

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Cara with Michele Katz

Families, Trauma, and How Micromovements Help

There are so many ways trauma can impact us! Obvious traumas are injuries and accidents. Less obvious traumas include: medical procedures emotional trauma birth trauma illness How many traumas have you or a family member experienced? Recently we shared our model of how Bridging helps to quickly get your body back on track after these […]

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baby feet

Feet Pain? How Does Understanding Early Development Help You Feel Better?

Fun facts about feet Feet have no bones at birth! The bones are still forming, and what we think of as bones is actually cartilage. The bones form later in the first year, which is why shoes aren’t recommended at this early age. 200,000 nerve endings! You have so many nerves and types of sensory […]

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We’ve Been Working with Babies! What We’ve Learned …

Happy New Year! Sharing some reflections … The most amazing part of 2021 began in late January with a text from a friend. “Can you help my friend’s baby?” Helping one newborn led to helping several, which we followed developmentally over the past year. The experience has been both insightful and inspirational. Watching weekly and […]

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core strength building exercise

Crazy Question: What If Your Core Never Really Worked the Right Way?

Core activation fiction Do you have to work harder than others to keep a strong and active core? Looking for clues to unresolved pain, stiffness, or anxiety — all common when the core activation isn’t fully developed? The sports industry, exercise world, and pop culture would have us believe that all we need for a […]

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