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Beyond Concussion: Recap of Recent Head Injury Stories

Miss one of the recent head injury discussions?

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concussion word cloudCleared, but still struggling

The call came three months after the injury. “My daughter is still having headaches. She also says that her vision is blurry sometimes. We saw the neurologist and she was cleared.”

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playgroundNot a concussion, just a head injury

“My daughter fell on the playground at school. The ER says there is no concussion. She took a pretty good hit in the face. Should we come in?”

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falling can be a problem for seniorsLost my balance again

“I’m 75 and trying to stay active. I keep falling and no one can figure out why. I don’t want to use this walker but I’m afraid to be moving around without it.”

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baby at birthThe unsuspected head trauma: birth

Often the most traumatic birth injury is to the neck. The head itself is designed to compress and re-expand; the neck is not.

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The case of the high school volleyball concussion

“Thank you for seeing M last week! She is feeling much better and was cleared from her concussion on Friday! Thanks so much for your help.”

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