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Finding Calm Amidst Chaos: Dad’s Going to Fly!

  • Worried about how to keep parents involved with family celebrations?
  • Feeling stressed just thinking about the details of flying a parent?
  • Is your parent so anxious that they are opting out?

If this describes the reality of this season for you, keep reading. We are here to help.

Making Participating and Traveling Easier

home for the holidays

You want your parents to be part of the holiday activities yet you know it’s hard for them to get around.

  • You are stressed and emotionally torn in the planning.
  • Everyone is anxious in the doing, and exhausted once completed.

Don’t stress! With a little planning and tips from the experts it can all go a little smoother (see Resources below). The memories and special moments are so worth all of the efforts!



It’s a Christmas miracle!

From one of our clients …  “Dad is going on a plane for the first time in three years, and even insisted on making his own hotel and car reservations. He’s still nervous and anxious, BUT he’s doing it!”

Our client’s dad is in his 80s and has had a number of medical procedures in the past couple of years. However, he also has had two sessions with Kinetic Konnections this summer and has been moving much more confidently since. He’s ready for holiday travel.

Opting out when it’s just too exhausting to think through all the details

You want to be out with family. You don’t want to hold them back. Sometimes just thinking through the details is exhausting:

  • Are there steps, railings, lots of people?
  • Will it be loud, dis-orienting, or dimly lit?
  • Is it a long distance from parking or drop-off?

…the list goes on.

At Kinetic Konnections we find that people often feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the details that make or break a successful gathering, event or trip.

When these details become excuses for not showing up, there are ways we can help get you prepared for the next time. Often medical procedures and injuries (who hasn’t fallen once or twice?) make getting up and down challenging, walking distances exhausting, and navigating ramps or stairs frightening.

Our process uniquely identifies reasons why your movement got off track, making things harder than they should be. Once we gather information and assess your movement fundamentals, we use the Bridging technique to restore symmetry to the fabric of how you move which reduces the barriers to being active.

Just like our client’s Dad, a couple of sessions can be enough of a difference to make life easier, so everyone is less anxious.

Improving your physical transitions and balance gives you more confidence to be less anxious and more present in the events of the season!

What do we do differently?


  • Understand that the challenges with exercise aren’t always a mental game
  • Assess fundamental movement organization of core, arms, legs and head
  • Analyze injury and developmental history for their impacts to your movement foundation


  • Use gentle movements of the Bridging Technique to re-organize your movement foundation so being active becomes easy and fluent

Easier follow-up

  • No home program other than be as active as possible
  • Spaced out follow-up period of 4-6 weeks

Additional Resources

travel assistanceThe Points Guy has some great insights on how to work with the airlines to make planning and traveling smoother. Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Additional tips including navigating the drop-off and pick-up scene from ParkShuttleFly.