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Kilwin's Ice Cream

Sharing Some Summer Fun 🍦

What are you doing for a change of pace this summer?

Sometimes our summer activity is about competing (sports camps, summer leagues, backyard bags, etc.), and sometimes it’s simply spending time together with friends and family.

Have you ever taken note of the movement and self-control/regulation required for an activity?

Even a simple a match of backyard bags or yard Jenga takes more balance and control than you’d assume. There are so many ways to spend meaningful time together during the summer, and most involve movement and balance.

Many of our older clients used to feel unsteady with their balance, yet didn’t want to be left out. Their improved balance and confidence from Bridging lets them enjoy summer fun too! No matter your age, give us a call if balance or pain are keeping you from the activities you like to do with others.

Rituals, activities, and adventure

This past spring, on a trip to the Smokey Mountains, my kids and I found ourselves ending each day by exploring ice cream shops. What a wonderful way to wrap up a day of hiking and exploring Asheville!

Carrying this ritual forward, my son and I started going on ice cream adventures most weekends. We search out places we’ve never been before, and try flavors out of the norm. (Pictures and flavors follow below.)

Do you have an ice cream shop recommendation for me?

Summer rituals

So many of our family or friends memories involve that annual event or outing in warmer months. These events are so important for our sense of community and shared experiences.

What ritual events do you have with friends or family? How do they involve movement and balance? Have you had to skip the event due to a physical challenge?

Drop me a line or post a comment on our FB page.

Ice Cream Adventures 2021

Here are some of the places we’ve explored so far. I’d love to hear your opinions if you’ve also tried these. Do you have new ideas for my son and me to explore?

(For those of you who don’t do dairy, I keep watch for vegan options. Each place had options, and often more than one.)


Kilwin’s in Arlington Heights
Toasted coconut and chocolate chip.
Village Creamery Village Creamery in Niles
Mango and Thai Ice Tea flavors
George's Ice Cream George’s in Andersonville, Chicago
Triple chocolate, peach and coconut
La Michoacana Ice Cream La Michoacana, Des Plaines
Mamey, Coconut, Chocolate Abuelito