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Is Your Child Struggling in the New School Year?

School called: Refusals, anxiety, poor attention? It’s that time of year, and I’ve lived it. I dreaded seeing the school on caller ID because it was never good news. The emails and calls come from school to discuss performance and behavior. By now the students should have settled into their routines. Each year, I was […]

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Cara at the Bridging Institute

Pain — The #1 Reason Teens and Adults Seek Out Bridging® Relief

Insights about Chronic Pain 80% of childhood chronic pain continues into adulthood. Many study* participants reported the pain was the result of a sports injury. (*Source: Chronic Pain in Adolescents Children (Basel) Dec 2016 Freiedrichdorf et al.) 17% of adults with chronic pain had it as a child. Chronic pain is also a significant post-operative […]

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Beyond Concussion: Return to School and Play

The case of the high school Volleyball Concussion “Thank you for seeing M last week! She is feeling much better and was cleared from her concussion on Friday! Thanks so much for your help.” On a recent Tuesday evening a high school volleyball player took a powerful bump to her head from a ball during […]

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Beyond Concussion: What If It’s Just a Head Injury?

“My daughter fell on the playground at school. The ER says there is no concussion. She took a pretty good hit in the face. Should we come in?” Each year, nearly 200,000 children, ages 14 and under, require emergency room treatment due to playground falls. The most severe playground-related injuries are due to falls. More […]

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Beginning the New Year–January 12, 2017

Beginning the New Year Many of us set goals for the year and attainment of these goals generally involves an element of change. As the Change Model graphic shows, transition is essential.   What If We Are Stuck at The Transition? We consistently find that being stuck in a life transition correlates to being stuck […]

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Updates from Some 2014 Stories–January 8, 2015

Updates from Some 2014 Stories We are working on some amazing stories for you in 2015 and thought you’d enjoy a few updates on some of our 2014 features.   Madeline and Reading “Merry Christmas,” as Madeline is singing to her new karaoke machine, “I cannot believe the words she is reading as she sings—wow!” […]

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