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3 Non-Sports Benefits of Seasonal Tune-ups!

I recently wrote about the benefits of tune-ups between sports seasons.

Life also has its seasons such as:

  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Performances
  • Cleaning
  • Recovery

For each of these you often need different physical coordination and strength, as well as coping abilities.

Kind of interesting that each also offers the opportunity of a fresh start!

Seasonal tune-ups help you prepare for what comes your way!

Three reasons for a seasonal tune-up

a family takes a walkAs winter begins to fade to spring, your lives are again becoming more active. These are some of the activities popping up in conversations:

  • Traveling off to ski, hike, or sight-see.
  • Moving homes and you need to pack and clean.
  • Taking up a new activity such as Zumba or pickle-ball.
  • Getting ready to have the knee or hip replaced to more fully enjoy summer.
  • Taking up the arts – painting and music.

What do these have in common? They all offer a fresh start in attitude and environment! But change can also be hard on the body.

You’re excited and nervous all at the same time

You may be wondering if your hibernating muscles are really up to the new demands. With the tight schedule you already juggle, you don’t have time to be sore or injured. Or, can you keep up with the others in the group? This uncertainty can leave you feeling a bit anxious!

Some reasons why you may be anxious about your upcoming changes:

  1. Upcoming activities require vastly different physical skills – balance, strength, range of motion, and coordination.
  2. New situation requires different focus, executive function, or levels of patience.
  3. Already feeling worn out and in pain. Will this new situation or activity add more?

Stressed muscle and joint transitions are often behind your hesitation and overwhelm

We find that on-going aches and pains are usually from poor muscle or joint transitions, which cause stress. These often build up from a collection of little incidents that happen on a daily basis. Enough of these stressed transitions leaves you questioning your confidence to move and keep up!

Getting your seasonal reset

We use the Bridging┬« micromovements and stretches to quickly and gently allow your body’s little dings and dents to clear, and your core to re-center itself. This restores the smooth transitions between muscles at your joints as you move.

Often in 1-2 sessions, you feel refreshed, relaxed, and good as new! You’re able to physically and mentally take on the change of scenery or activity. ­čśü

How does the reset or refresh work?

At The Bridging® Institute our clients are often surprised by how fast they improve and feel better.

Bridging┬« uses a hands-on process of gentle micromovements and stretches to rebuild your original movement foundation; your daily activity reinforces the improved function. No home exercises required – just stay active!

Uniquely, our approach draws upon early movement development as it’s secret. Recreating early sequences of muscle and joint interconnections is the roadmap for sustainably resetting you or your child’s bodies.