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It’s Travel Season: Are You Steady and Ready?

Yes, you are on the move again!

You’ve planned, waited and re-planned. Finally, the trip is about to become reality. You have the packing lists, bought new equipment, and your pet care arranged. But are you physically ready for your trip?

Here are just a few of the concerns our clients have had as they prepared for their long-awaited adventure:

  • Walking without pain and not slowing others down
  • Ascending and descending trails with confident balance
  • Standing in lines without back pain
  • Carrying luggage and equipment without wrist, elbow or shoulder pains

Often the nagging issues you deal with on a daily basis become overwhelming when you’re out of your element on the road. Or, you will be in specific situations requiring more of your body than your day-to-day activity does.

Want to travel more confidently?

A session or two of Bridging® to tune-up your movement and balance may be all you need to let your body enjoy the long awaited travel. Bon voyage!

Wondering if Bridging® can help?

Fill out our intake form and we’ll get back to you with insights on how Bridging® can help. Virtual or in-office sessions are two options we offer to get you back to feeling your best.