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A Parent’s Joy in Daughter’s Reading–December 18, 2014

A Parent’s Joy in Daughter’s Reading

Reading… both fun and imaginative, reading is an activity fundamental to all aspects of learning. Often learned quickly and easily, reading can be a struggle for some.

“Madeline fought me on reading, and any kind of homework was a fight.”

Madeline, the third born out of four siblings, was an early talker. She was active, a typical growing and developing young girl. There was no worry or sign that she was going to have a hard time learning to read.

By the mid-year of kindergarten, Madeline’s mother noticed her daughter’s lack of interest in reading and said it was even a fight to get Madeline to sit down to work on the reading skills. She addressed the issue with the teacher, but the teacher did not seem worried. Madeline’s mother felt otherwise.

By the summer after kindergarten, Madeline began having explosive tantrums. “This was not her personality. I was aware she was struggling and I just saw her self-esteem plummet.”

A pediatric Occupational Therapist, mom had worked with Cara at Kinetic Konnections professionally over the past four years. Her three other children had successful sessions so she decided it was Madeline’s turn.


Before the First Appointment

Before the first visit, they did not discuss the reading issue in front of Madeline and instead, explained the visit would help her improve a variety of skills especially for soccer.

“Before this appointment, she would not even go near a book because her self-esteem was so low in regards to reading.” 


After the Appointment

They came home the evening after the first appointment and Madeline picked up a book without being pushed to do so. It was a First Reader level book and she told her mother—

“Mom, I don’t know what Cara did. Before, I felt like I could always see but I didn’t think my eyes were working (to help me read). Now, they are, and I can read.”


A Year Later

Madeline followed-up with a few more sessions and by November of her first-grade year, the young girl was an “A” reader.

Now in second grade, she has no more explosive tantrums and both her self-esteem and self-confidence have skyrocketed. Plus, she loves to read!

In fact, recently Madeline’s mother was passing by her bedroom and found Madeline sitting on the bed surrounded by books. She was beaming from ear-to-ear and said, “Mom, look at all of the books I can choose from.” The pile consisted of First Reader level and higher level books, including her new favorite chapter books, The Boxcar Children.

Madeline returns for a “tune-up” session every four to five months as she grows. “We have done nothing else but Kinetic Konnections, so I know what Cara did with her is what worked.”

Mom’s joy in watching Madeline grow in her love of reading and love of learning is beyond words!


Note from Cara

Joy in movement!

We see it every day and sometimes forget about the link between movement and academics. As schools break for the winter, student struggles and parent frustration related to reading challenges recede temporarily.

Time spent with tutoring, special homework, and persistent nagging related to homework stress even the best family relationships. It also leaves little energy or time for family fun.

Time and time again we see reading improve as overall micro-movements improve. Even more amazing is the change in parent/child and family dynamics!

We shared one family’s story as mom and daughter both found joy from new reading abilities. Joy in movement translates to joy in learning and joy in families.

Reading requires body stability to support efficient eye movement. Specific micro-movements during infancy enable this visual-motor stability to evolve. The work with Madeline involved using Bridging® to restore these micro-movements. The temper tantrums are linked to sequential development of specific infant skills. The micro-movements from the developmental period enable missing behavioral skills gaps to fill-in, too. The tune-ups have been focused on recreational skills like Tae Kwon Do and soccer, given her reading has progressed so well.

From infants to adults, we restore your micro-movements quickly returning you to the movement that defines your life!

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