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Does Your Child Struggle, Act Out or Avoid PE/Gym/Wellness Class? 🏀 ⚾

The theme for this week … kids’ love-hate relationship with PE class As school gets into mid-semester, how many of your kids are struggling with doing the requirements of the PE (wellness) class? If you are frustrated with ways to help and wonder why they struggle, read on … What are the requirements of PE […]

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Is Your Child Struggling in the New School Year?

School called: Refusals, anxiety, poor attention? It’s that time of year, and I’ve lived it. I dreaded seeing the school on caller ID because it was never good news. The emails and calls come from school to discuss performance and behavior. By now the students should have settled into their routines. Each year, I was […]

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Medical Miracles!–March 13, 2017

Medical Miracles! This year I have been writing about birth characteristics and the related long-term effects we observe. Medical miracles at birth allow most babies born from 24-36 weeks to survive. For many of the families we meet, it is also the beginning of a journey of unknowns. Nine-year-old Megan, born at 27 weeks (left), […]

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Zoey’s Headaches–Not what you’d expect!–October 28, 2016

Headaches with An Unusual Cause For years, 11-year-old Zoey experienced daily headaches. For as long as she could remember, Zoey’s mother said her daughter would comment about her head pain, particularly toward the end of each day. “As the day would go on, the pain would worsen,” she described. Unwilling to take any medicine to […]

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Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock–August 26, 2016

Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock! I still have my lock, the combo engraved in my brain from frustration… The fear and frustration of sweaty fingers twirling the dial of the gym locker on the bottom row of lockers, trying not to be late to class. Yes, that’s why I remember the combo. Middle schools and […]

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A Wild, Weird, Cool Year of Amazing Client Stories–December 31, 2015

A Wild, Weird, Cool Year of Amazing Client Stories—2015! Looking back on the stories of new clients this year further reinforces that we are crazy resilient and the myriad of things that affect us before birth makes me wonder how any of us actually grow up and function. Here is a sampling of the reasons […]

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Jordan’s Back to School Journey!–October 1, 2015

Jordan’s Back to School Journey! “I constantly had a headache, felt seasick, and had shooting pains through my face and neck. I looked completely fine, so people thought I was completely fine. I was far from fine!” Fall 2015:  Jordan is in her junior year of college studying abroad for the semester. As typical as […]

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Balance, Biking, and Nano-movements!–March 19, 2015

Balance, Biking, and Nano-movements! Tommy’s mom wondered if her 9-year-old son would ever ride a bike on his own. She pushed the idea of riding for a couple of years but with no success. “It just seemed like he didn’t have the core strength or balance,” she said. “It was hard for him.” When Tommy […]

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