Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

Cara with client, Amanda

How Much Walking Do You Need for a Health Benefit?

The theme for this week … how much activity translates to health benefits? Keeping up on emerging research about the relationship between activity and health is one of the important things we do for you. A new article recently published sheds new perspective on the amount of activity needed for health benefits. Read on … […]

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Cara with client, Sarena

Vision and Hand-eye Coordination Problem-solving

The theme for this week … being active can also involve hands, arms and eyes! Many activities have a visual-motor component which incorporates use of our hands and arms in conjunction with vision. Sometimes the parts could be working together better than we assume they are. Read on … We assume our vision and hands/arms […]

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Cara with client, Ann

Relief for Ann’s Neck and Shoulder … Another Piece of the Puzzle!

The theme for this week … the body tells its story! Often your pain, balance, or coordination concerns seem to be a mystery. One of the most common sources of the physical micromovement disruption that we find is a forgotten fall. How do we find it? Our problem-solving process deciphers the body’s story. Read on […]

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follow up session with Cindy

Your Body Doesn’t Move Correctly? Might Be Prior Injuries

Coordination between your core, arms or legs have you feeling less than confident? At The Bridging® Institute, we find disruptors to movement fall into consistent categories. As you accumulate more of these over the years, your body is less able to bounce back and find a way to keep going. Life can easily become a […]

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A Wild, Weird, Cool Year of Amazing Client Stories–December 31, 2015

A Wild, Weird, Cool Year of Amazing Client Stories—2015! Looking back on the stories of new clients this year further reinforces that we are crazy resilient and the myriad of things that affect us before birth makes me wonder how any of us actually grow up and function. Here is a sampling of the reasons […]

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Balance, Biking, and Nano-movements!–March 19, 2015

Balance, Biking, and Nano-movements! Tommy’s mom wondered if her 9-year-old son would ever ride a bike on his own. She pushed the idea of riding for a couple of years but with no success. “It just seemed like he didn’t have the core strength or balance,” she said. “It was hard for him.” When Tommy […]

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