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Starry, Starry Night … and Nano-movements?–January 22, 2015

Starry, Starry Night … and Nano-movements?

Away from the city, I recently found myself outside one evening looking upward and found a marvelous sight. The evening’s dark, crisp, clear sky was filled with brightly shining stars!

The longer I peered, the clearer the patterns of the stars became. I did not know off-hand which one was which, but knew they had distinct names and patterns. The “NightSky” app soon allowed for identification. Ah, modern technology. There they were—Orion, the Little Dipper, Big Dipper, etc. just where they’ve been for centuries.

It’s just amazing to think that in a world lacking digital technology, the navigators of old relied completely on charts, telescopes, their eyes, and the sky.

Navigators were essential to knowing where a person was and determining a route to reach the desired destination.


Clear at Night, Obscured by Day

Understanding the stars and understanding nano-movements each have the ability to provide enormous insight and guidance. My Bridging® students have had many “A-ha!” moments as they become familiar with nano-movements, patterns so very distinctive and clear once you know what to look for. Yet much the same as the stars being masked by the daylight or clouds, these nano-movement patterns are obscured by our common daily movements.


What Are Nano-movements, You Ask?

They are discrete layers of foundational movement patterns which form the basis for all of our daily posture and movement. Each layer and phase is unique and builds upon another, just as a house is built from a foundation, framed, plumbed, wired, and finished. The interactions between layers are specific, yet they have amazing resiliency to compensate when injured.

When nano-movements for the core, limbs, and their integration work well, we all have an easier time in day-to-day living. The associated neurological balance calms anxiety, relieving the brain of a layer of work. Freeing up the brain allows for increased cognitive performance at school and work. Less stress, faster work, and easier movement equals a recipe for fluency and fun!


About the Research

A common question I am asked relates to research studies about our work. Not yet, I answer. The interesting observation I note, though, is how much of day-to-day life we accept without the statistical validity provided by university studies. The stars, for example. The stars are not the subject of tomes of research regarding their existence. Instead, telescopes point to the sky to locate more stars and more accurately define their details and composition.

We do the same with our nano-movements. We continually refine the patterns in additional detail, interactions, and relationships to our micro-movement challenges. Which nano-movements are affected by injuries, by surgeries, by illness? How can we go about re-establishing the nano-movements quickly for you in order to move better and feel better? The quest makes for an interesting day!

We do find related research continues to flow supporting the concepts embodied by nano-movements. A recent study even substantiated the concept of muscle to nerve communication, something we observe routinely. Trigger mechanism for recovery after spinal cord injury revealed.

One day we will be able to participate in university studies to support our consistent findings. For now, we will settle for the many stories individuals and their families share with us daily. We plan to share many more of these stories to you as the year unfolds.

From infants to adults, we restore your nano- and micro-movements quickly returning you to the movements that define your life!


A Note from Cara

I’ve planned my running races for the year and made hiking plans. Reality is sinking in as I hit the streets running while out of town and realize the holidays’ inactivity has taken a toll. Time to get back in gear!

What plans are you making for the year? Any stretch goals or active vacation plans? We love to hear what you’re up to.

Several clients stopped in for tune-ups in preparation for activities planned for their winter escapes. Be it skiing or snorkeling, a session or two can help!

Sometimes just stopping in to reflect can be good, as you have read about in the main article about my insights from star-gazing.

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