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Anxiety, Breathing, and Lower Body Traumas?

How your heart and lungs move during breathing: #biology — Slava Bobrov (@slava__bobrov) August 12, 2022 This illustration of breathing is so cool! I follow Slava Bobrov on Twitter for his amazing visualizations of the body and cells. Last week he shared this animation of breathing. I was in heaven! This animation (click on […]

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Medical Miracles!–March 13, 2017

Medical Miracles! This year I have been writing about birth characteristics and the related long-term effects we observe. Medical miracles at birth allow most babies born from 24-36 weeks to survive. For many of the families we meet, it is also the beginning of a journey of unknowns. Nine-year-old Megan, born at 27 weeks (left), […]

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Snakes, Peanuts, and Nano-movements!–June 25, 2015

Snakes, Peanuts, and Nano-movements! The first of the nano-movements, PEANUT, is such a simple movement, yet we find many whose core movement doesn’t pass. Read on to learn more about this movement and how missing it may affect you.   Biology Basics Cells are rapidly vibrating, expanding, and dividing. The mass of cells on their […]

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Just What Are Nano-movements?–May 14, 2015

Just What Are Nano-movements? Nanotechnology, Nanobiology, Nanoparticles…Nano-movements? The prefix ‘Nano’ is a math term meaning one billionth, or .000000001, which is really small! During the past year we’ve taken movement down to a whole new level—integrating the smallest observed movements with amazing results! Teeny-tiny movements have been systematically observed via ultrasound during prenatal development. Twenty […]

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Jimmy’s Back in the Game!–February 5, 2015

Jimmy’s Back in the Game! “Jimmy walked into your office, slumping and tired, and left a rejuvenated boy.” –Jimmy’s Mom A hard fall during a hockey game and nine-year-old Jimmy began to have a headache and experience dizziness. His balance was off-kilter and he even was having a difficult time concentrating on academics. “He was […]

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Starry, Starry Night … and Nano-movements?–January 22, 2015

Starry, Starry Night … and Nano-movements? Away from the city, I recently found myself outside one evening looking upward and found a marvelous sight. The evening’s dark, crisp, clear sky was filled with brightly shining stars! The longer I peered, the clearer the patterns of the stars became. I did not know off-hand which one […]

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