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Dear Mom … I Know I Should Wear Socks

Early life traumas surface in some unsuspecting ways

Clothing sensitivity

It makes parents crazy when their children only wear one type of shirt and pants, or refuse to wear underwear or anything on their feet.

The emotional or behavioral reactions spiral downward quickly. The level of stress in the entire family is palpable. From an external perspective, family and friends may question parenting skills. It’s often a no-win situation from every angle.

  • Children find they are misunderstood by society at large and the professionals who are supposed to be supporting them.
  • Their parents are frustrated because traditional resources have had minimal success, and they are beginning to feel like they are inadequate parents.

This is the first in a series of the stories illustrating the frustrations typical of many children and the parents we meet.

child working at a tableCalming a hyper-sensitive Sensory System

Our client was 5 1/2 years old when we met.

Why did they come to Kinetic Konnections?

Mom was at the end of her rope with melt-downs and sensory issues related to clothing. It took 45 minutes to get her daughter dressed, often accompanied by tantrums.

Mom was also getting concerned about school as the Fall was progressing. Fine motor skills and classroom behavior were a challenge.

Her daughter had been discharged from Occupational Therapy earlier in the year, although the tactile sensory fights were still present. Mom was searching for another option.

What Happened?

What we found is her daughter had had a big fall from a high chair at age 2 combined with some earlier bouts of croup and reflux. It seemed her upper body might not be very resilient, and the fall messed up how her head and body should work together.

A disorganized body can often play out on a daily basis as sensory system challenges.

Email from Mom, Liz K., after their first visit in November

“This morning she got herself dressed for school without a tantrum or even being asked to get dressed!

She also wore socks and gym shoes (no sandals ????) I believe it’s been about a year since she has worn socks and shoes that aren’t sandals, so this is huge for us!!

Thank you so much for all of your help. What you and your team does is truly amazing!”

child reading with motherWhat the assessment revealed about her daughter

  • Her body and head had a tough time working together because of how she fell when she was two.
  • Her hands and eyes had a hard time working together. They were still developing when she fell.
  • It was hard for her to play and have friends because all the moving and communicating skills aren’t as easy, and then she would melt down.

What mom realized …

  • She did a really good job trying ways to help her daughter over the years.
  • Her daughter really can do five year old things, like getting dressed and writing at school!
  • Her daughter’s body and head just needed some help to work together better, and catch-up on the things they missed learning.

Wondering if Bridging® can help your child?

When your child has an accident, your first action is going to the pediatrician or urgent care. Everything structurally may check out fine, but there is often a hidden impact to your child’s developmental trajectory.

Following the Bridging process, we assess relationships between head, limbs, and core to make sure there is symmetry and integration of the movement supporting:

  • self-regulation,
  • core control and
  • visual-motor skills.

Often in two or three sessions our use of the Bridging Technique’s gentle rocking movements restores movement symmetry and integration. Your child is calmer, more coordinated and can focus better.

Depending upon the age of the injury and other complicating factors, we may recommend periodic follow-ups to support transitional stress associated with growing.

Friends or family struggling with sensory sensitivity?

Please pass this along. Your understanding and insight may be just what they needed today.