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WFH Aches? Here Are Some Alt-stretches

How are you faring with the new ways of working (and learning) from home (WFH)?

Does your daily routine look like a BINGO card filled with ZOOM, webinar, online workspaces, or classes? Have you left space in the day to get outdoors?

Over the past few weeks the variety in my day consists of which nook I choose to work from — my desk, the ‘starbucks’ nook, the dining table, or the comfy couch.

All of this variety comes at a cost — new aches and pains. The two I’m noticing most are the phone elbow and the hunchback.

I’m sharing two videos — one for the phone-elbow and one for the hunchback. Each offers a new perspective on why it’s bothering you and what you can do to help beyond traditional stretching and self-massage.

What WFH aches are you finding? I’d love to hear. You can drop me a quick note. What video advice would you like to see in the weeks ahead?

Stay healthy and active!

Elbow-Phone Ache? A New Option

Holding the phone for lengthy periods while pacing around on calls or listening to podcasts? When you let go, your elbow talks back.

Cara explains what happened and then demonstrates a simple movement to get your muscles cooperating again.


Computer Hunchback? A New Option

Hours hunched over the computer can cause back, shoulder and neck stress. You typically stretch and go back at it.

Cara discusses a new perspective of why you hunch forward and then demonstrates a way to re-inflate yourself.