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We’ve Been Working with Babies! What We’ve Learned …

Happy New Year! Sharing some reflections … The most amazing part of 2021 began in late January with a text from a friend. “Can you help my friend’s baby?” Helping one newborn led to helping several, which we followed developmentally over the past year. The experience has been both insightful and inspirational. Watching weekly and […]

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meet up

Three Quick Ways to Calm Your Child, or Yourself

???? You feel exhausted. ???? You’re feeling stuck, and struggling to get anything done. ???? Your child seems to be spinning out of control. And, there are more weeks of at-home time staring you down. At Kinetic Konnections we specialize in helping you and your family with the micro-movements needed for your nervous system to […]

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adult virtual bridging session

Pain, Anxiety and Balance Concerns? Consider a Virtual Session

Virtual session for adults – What’s different? From a client’s wife in Kansas City, MO – “He was moving much better during our walk that followed your session. He walked more quickly as well. Cara easily navigated us through simple movements virtually. These movements resulted in more fluidity and flexibility for his body after a […]

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