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Sometimes the Best We Can Do Is Survive

Bridging®-based Primal Movements for Survival

Most days it feels like all we’re doing is merely surviving. Sometimes that’s ok.

Every day I think I’m doing better, then some random news story throws me back into worry.

In the Maslow hierarchy of needs we find ourselves having our security challenged daily. Security is in the bottom zone of our most fundamental needs for existence. (A straightforward discussion of these concepts can be found at the VeryWellMind website)

All day long we are trying to work, and our kids are trying to learn. Yet, those skills are at the top of the pyramid! You can’t function well on tasks in the top of the pyramid without securing the foundation first.

Allowing yourself some time to support your bottom-level security needs will allow you the stability to better perform on the top level needs. But that’s often easier said than done.

How can you help feeling more secure? Experts say to acknowledge the emotions of the times. Feeling the sadness, loss, and frustrations are a healthy part of being able to survive.

The Bridging® framework is based upon another aspect of our fundamental existence — movement. The most primal movements happen to be very familiar, sustaining, and soothing movements.

These are the most basic of movements, and some ideas for using them for both adults and children:

  • Breathe: You can meditate, merely sit quietly, or try the video shared last week to re-inflate yourself.
  • Suck/Swallow: This actually is a key support for self-regulation. Try using a straw in your cup or water bottle. Even sucking a thick smoothie can be calming and satisfying. Oral motor movements like chewing gum or gnawing on a safe fidget can also calm.
  • Move: Rocking is a great way to calm the nervous system. Active jumping, walking or running satisfy the ‘flight’ part of the nervous system.

To help you shore up your security foundation I’m sharing a helpful article for parents, and a story for younger children.


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