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Bridging Technique with baby

Adapting to Change? It Can be Hard!!!????

Bridging®-based moves to organize growing bodies

While it may seem like life has been stuck on the ‘pause’ button, your children keep growing. This growth can cause both physical and emotional stress.

Bridging Technique with babyTo help your family stay on track, we created this video showing you how to use Bridging-based movements to keep young, growing bodies organized.

This organizing movement is used at home by our Bridging Specialists Becki (above) and Erika (lower).

Once you get the hang of how to hold firmly while bouncing gently, it takes less than a minute.

The core re-organization can be a great way to start or end the day, or as a quick pick-me-up.
Bridging Technique with young boy


Adapting to change again and again…

Each week (or day?!) seems to bring new curve balls thrown our way.

The changes we have to adapt to seem relentless!

Some of the current uncertainties include:

  • Summer activity plans – Is swimming ok? What about camp? Park district programs? Summer school?
  • Safe vacation plans – What are viable travel options? Drive or fly? Rent or hotel?
  • Shopping changes – Curbside only? Limited shoppers? Limited hours?
  • Masks – When? Where? Which kind?

Our kids bodies keep changing too!

In the midst of the all the change in our daily lives, many of our children are going through changes associated with growing.

Their growing bodies are trying to do more with more:

  • How to function with longer arms, legs, and core
  • How to breathe and digest enough to feed a growing brain and expanding body structure
  • How to grow into expanded independence with a world that is currently very limiting

Everything is easier with firm boundaries

Our lives, externally and internally, adapt better with firm boundaries. Organization of home and schedule create one type of boundary– the compartmentalization and guidelines to go smoothly about our daily life.

Organization of our body also creates a boundary. The external shell of our body creates the compartments for the inner functions so our bodies are organized and work well. This allows our metabolic functions, sensory-motor skills, emotions and cognitive skills to happen easily.

When the external structures of the body are better organized:

it is easier to breathe and calm,

it is easier to jump, run, and play,

it is easier to bounce back from being sad or frustrated, and

it is easier to focus and think.

How to improve the boundaries?

Already you can guess – the answer includes bounces or wiggles. Yes, a firm hold on your child while wiggling or bouncing will help the physical boundaries re-organize themselves.

The video above uses a Bridging-based option to show you how to use bounces and wiggles to help the boundaries of the core re-group.

For adults – the best wiggles and bounces for you are a little more complex. You will benefit from more specific movement guidance, taking into account your history of accidents and injuries. A virtual session is a simple way to find relief. See below to schedule a Zoom call so you can feel better.

Does your child need more specific help with self-regulation or growing pains?
You can schedule a 30-minute virtual Zoom session by e-mailing Cara.
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