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UVC lamp

What’s the Odd Light in the Office?

UVC Lamps- What do they do?

The coronavirus continues to be a concern and your safety is of utmost importance.

UVC lampThis UVC lamp (pictured) is a way we are going the extra mile for you.

Are you sensitive to chemical cleaners?

This space age looking lamp is another way we keep everything as sterile as possible without the residue of harsh chemicals. The UVC lamp also produces ozone for a one-two punch killing both surface and air borne pathogens. We use the lamp between uses of a room.

Still a little nervous about coming into the office?

Consider one of our virtual sessions. You need a phone/tablet/computer camera, a friend and about 30 minutes. We guide you through some basic assessment steps, and coach you through a short series of Bridging movements, leaving you with a movement or two to repeat on your own.

Yes, it’s a different experience being in your home than being in our office. Clients who have tried it are amazed at how much it has helped.

What are the ways you can be helped virtually?

Do you have pain that keeps you from the activities you enjoy? A child who struggles more than they should? Or, a child whose behavior is beyond challenging? These are the areas we are able to help get back on track quickly.


Need a re-balance or tune-up and can’t make it to the office just yet?

You can schedule a 30-minute virtual Zoom session by e-mailing Cara.
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.