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Traditions and Taking New Steps ???? ???? ????

The old and the new!

Traditions … how you build bonds and memories with special people in your lives. Knowing what to expect and letting it happen in the same old, yet unique way each year.

Your traditions may have been challenged this year, but hopefully they’ve transitioned to something new and better for the years ahead.

What are your traditions?

Traditions can take many forms. Some are food and drink related. Some are about shared activities like cooking together, going for a drive to see the beautiful lights, and getting out for a hike.

Did you find that some of your traditions were harder on you than you remember?

  • Seasonal activity isn’t as easy as you remember? We are here to re-balance your micro-movements.
  • Calm and focus need a boost? Here are three quick tips to help.

An in-person or virtual session may be the missing piece to keep the peace or to enjoy your seasonal activities. Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body optimally organized to behave, focus, and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Our Kinetic Konnections tradition

Our team meeting is a cookie exchange. But not just not any cookie exchange! We challenge ourselves to creatively adapt holiday favorites to gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. What a great variety we came up with this year (photo above)! They were all delicious!

We couldn’t meet in person, so our sharing was via Zoom. It was a lovely way to kick back together, listen to the story behind each other’s cookies, and enjoy each other’s company.

As we close out 2020, we want to send gratitude, joy and love to you all — and keep it safe out there!

Cara making new videos

Looking ahead — something new!

Yes, that’s Cara recording new videos.

We’re very excited about the upcoming launch of an online program designed for parents to help calm a child.




Interested in Bridging education?

January 2021 will kick-off a new professional cohort. Let Cara know you’d like to get details as they are finalized.


You are now able to schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions online through the MindBody Fitness app!
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.