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Three Quick Ways to Calm Your Child, or Yourself

???? You feel exhausted.
???? You’re feeling stuck, and struggling to get anything done.
???? Your child seems to be spinning out of control.

And, there are more weeks of at-home time staring you down.

At Kinetic Konnections we specialize in helping you and your family with the micro-movements needed for your nervous system to return to a calm and organized state.

Here are three simple tactics to help and why they work.

bath timeDis-regulated? Hot or cold can be an easy reset

Are you or your child beyond stuck? And talking goes nowhere? Engage the tactile sensations of hot and cold for a re-set by popping outside for a cold minute, or hopping into the shower or bath.

A temperature change triggers the reset switch in the most primal aspect of the nervous system, allowing you to calm down.



get movingStuck? Get moving!

When you’re feeling stuck, mentally or emotionally, your autonomic nervous system may be stuck in survival mode (fight, flight or freeze).

To get unstuck, you can do something simple like rocking in your chair, getting up and walking around, or going outside for a few minutes.

You’ll regroup with a clearer perspective and calmer ability to move forward with work, school, or family.

meet upFeeling Drained? Get out around people

Yes, being around people, virtually, or IRL at a distance can be just the boost you need. Listening to a voice may help too. Connecting at the visual and auditory sensory level has an organizing and calming effect to the autonomic nervous system.

There is a concept called co-regulation which basically means we connect to the energy of others around us. Just seeing or hearing people is enough to come out of a lethargic state.



An in-person or virtual session may be the missing piece to keep the peace.

Don’t see a time in our schedule that works? Email and ask. We may be able to add time to help you get some calm back in your life.

Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body optimally organized to behave, focus and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Interested in Bridging education?

January 2021 will kick-off a new professional cohort. Let Cara know you’d like to get details as they are finalized.


You are now able to schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions online through the MindBody Fitness app!
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.