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Is Your Arm Aching Following the Vaccine? ????

Have you gotten your Covid vaccine yet?

Does your arm or shoulder have pain, swelling, and stiffness?

At Kinetic Konnections we find vaccines (flu or Covid) tend to block micromovements in your arm and shoulder area.

When the micromovements change, the pain and stiffness go away. It’s that straight forward. I made the video below to guide you through improving the post-vaccine micromovements on your own.

At Kinetic Konnections we realize not everyone can make it to our office, which is why we offer virtual sessions. Our virtual clients find the online sessions can be so helpful to get their micromovements working better. If you’re local, out of state, or in another country we are able to help.

Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body’s micromovements optimally organized to behave, focus, and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Helping post-vaccine aches

When your arm and shoulder ache after a vaccine, it’s often because the reaction is stopping the micromovements within the area.

Here is a quick movement you can do at home to help.

Coming soon …

kids working out



Kids driving you crazy, or having a hard time handling virtual school?

Our new online program that you can do at home with your children is coming soon. The program’s movements help everyone to be calmer.



You are now able to schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions online through the MindBody Fitness app!
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.