Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

New Experiences … 😳 and 😁!

Sharing a peek behind the scenes … A first experience in a new adventure My experience with shooting the first episode of a new YouTube show reminded me of the feelings our clients have when they first come in. Yes, I was nervous! No, I didn’t really know what to expect. Yes, I left pleasantly […]

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20 years

It’s Been 20 Years!

I sat in my kitchen 20 years ago with a grand idea of helping women move better to stay healthier. So much has changed since then, although fundamentally so much is the same. Join me in some reminiscing! Here are some of the highlights of The Bridging® Institute’s evolution: The mission expanded to helping everyone, […]

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March 19th: Changing to New Scheduling System

New, easier way to schedule ALL types of appointments Why and when are we changing our scheduling tools? As you are able to experience Bridging in more ways, we found different technology was needed to support easy and integrated scheduling, especially for virtual appointment access. Friday March 19th after 5pm we will be transitioning to […]

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What is Bridging?

Bridge /ˈbrij/ noun: A time, place, or means of connection or transition. You most commonly think of a bridge as, literally, the structure connecting two points. In my electrical engineering coursework (way back when), a ‘bridge’ was a connection between circuits, or audio systems. Most people think separately of the body’s structural and nervous (electrical) […]

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Kinetic Konnections is Evolving!

Evolving to a new name and focused mission! Kinetic Konnections is transforming into The Bridging Institute. After 15 years we’re growing into our next phase with a new name and more tightly focused mission — helping more people, in more ways. Why? To sharpen our focus on what creates the magic — Bridging!  As we began […]

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