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Parents of Graduates: Make Time to Do This for Yourself

Parents, take a moment to celebrate!

At some point in time during the graduation festivities, pause and pat yourself on the back. Take a moment to savor what a great job YOU did.

You persisted, when others doubted and criticized. You kept a pulse on the needs of your child, while giving them the space to mature and catch-up. You supported them in ways few can begin to imagine.

Kudos to you, dear parents. Smile, take a high five, and a proud breath.

The parenting journey is far from over; savor this milestone, and glow in how you helped make it possible.

For many graduates there is a backstory

Every year there are a number of kids graduating high school and college who I have had the honor of working with for years. Knowing some of the difficulties that we helped them overcome, this milestone becomes even more momentous.

For many of these students, the road has not been easy. They have faced behavior or social-emotional challenges, or had visual or processing gaps, or maybe coordination challenges.

Behind each of these students is an amazing group of parents

These kids were lucky to have parents who believed in their children’s abilities and were resourceful in seeking out help.

We met each other when other interventions for your kids weren’t generating enough change, and you decided to give Bridging┬« a try. And it worked beyond your expectations!

Bridging closed the gaps in their micromovements linked to these challenges, and enabled so many of these students to grow into being great athletes, artists, and scholars.

Our world will be better for their passion and compassion, as they continue on their journey to adulthood.