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resistance training and metabolism

Research Blog: Strength Training … Your Metabolism (Kids and Adults) Will Thank You!

Research Insights share a variety of new or topical research findings on the relationship of being physically active, and why being active is essential to our physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

The theme for this week … strength training health benefits

Intuitively we know it’s easier to enjoy daily activities when we improve our muscle strength. It turns out our metabolism is positively impacted too! Even for adolescents! Read on …

Strength training impacts metabolism for all ages!

The 2023 study, “The Health Benefits from Resistance Training…” includes this great graphic which shows the many metabolic functions which improve when you do strength or resistance training.

Surprisingly, there are also benefits for children and teens. The study published in 2022, “Resistance Training for Children and Adolescents” discusses similar changes.

These positive effects include:

  • Increased mitochondria to burn energy
  • Improved insulin response, which impacts Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased muscle volume

Most studies recommend resistance training twice a week to achieve these benefits.

With such a huge upside, why do many have a tough time with resistance training?

What we’ve seen at the Bridging® Institute is that our clients want to train, but also have chronic pain. Even kids can have persistent pain.

Once we use the Bridging® Technique to analyze and reset impacted micromovements, our clients’ pain goes away, and they can strength train without causing additional pain.