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Balance Off After COVID? It’s Actually a Thing!

The theme for this week … finding your balance

Is your ability to exercise impacted by a sense of instability or even a fear of falling? Poor balance can be a side effect from being sick, especially COVID. For children this instability may present as reluctance or refusal to participate. Read on …

Balance challenges following COVID

Finding yourself with questionable balance after being sick, especially COVID, is not just in your head.

Not just you …

Challenges to balance are more common than you’d expect following COVID. Apparently they were common enough for a study to be done, and here is the link.

Some of the findings include:

  • Dizziness, not vertigo, was confirmed in 20% of the test group.
  • The dizziness is suspected to impact older patients more.
  • Balance rehabilitation should be considered for long term follow-up.

A statement in the paper is interesting, asserting that the dizziness may be permanent, since the condition persists past recovery. We don’t find that to be the case.

What can you do?

What we’ve seen at the Bridging® Institute is that our clients want good balance such that they can continue their exercise activities. There are two parts to taking action for relief:

  1. Assess: Determine if, and how, balance is actually impacted. This can be done with a Physical Therapist specializing in balance. Or, at The Bridging® Institute we do a more functional balance test.
  2. Targeted intervention: This can consist of specific exercises with a Physical Therapist. Or, Bridging® can be used to reset the specific aspects of the affected balance.

Once we use the Bridging® Technique to analyze and reset impacted micromovements, our clients’ are able to confidently return to their preferred activities.