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Pain from winter sports, shoveling, or slipping on ice?–January 14, 2014

Pain from winter sports, shoveling, or slipping on ice?

We use our Kinetic Bridging® magic to quickly erase your pain and stiffness for good.

If your pain is related to your kids (sensory issues being cooped up for many days), we put our magic into quickly teaching their muscles lessons skipped as an infant.


Back Sore? Leg Pain? Shoulder Stiff?

Several clients have been calling for help with the ache and pain of snow and ice.

We typically are able to restore stability and ease the pain in one session, with a follow-up session to take care of any residual aches.

If you have a more complicated history a couple more sessions may be advised, but the basic pains are often better within the first two sessions.


We want to get you moving easily and effortlessly so you can participate in your life!

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