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Cara with client, Ann

Relief for Ann’s Neck and Shoulder … Another Piece of the Puzzle!

The theme for this week … the body tells its story! Often your pain, balance, or coordination concerns seem to be a mystery. One of the most common sources of the physical micromovement disruption that we find is a forgotten fall. How do we find it? Our problem-solving process deciphers the body’s story. Read on […]

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Cara with client, Arvey

Knee Replacement Left You with Pain and Stiffness?

Micromovement disrupter: knee replacement surgery With over 600,000 performed in the U.S. in 2020, knee replacement surgery has become a somewhat routine surgical procedure. A common issue for many following their knee replacement is stiffness. We find the primary contributors to the knee stiffness are swelling and poor multi-dimensional function at the joint. Luckily, Bridging® […]

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