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knee surgery

Post Procedure — Many Times Your Recovery Needs One More Step

You’ve done what you were supposed to do to take care of your medical or structural condition. You did the prehab and rehab, and still have pain, stiffness, or really odd sensations.

These keep you from sleeping, feeling your best, and functioning at your best.

Read how Bridging was able to help a variety of clients get more from their recovery.

right leg: before and after

Tight hips and spider veins after varicose vein injections

A client who comes in every so often had an unusual question — why are my hips so tight? She normally needed help with tight neck and shoulders related to work stress. As we talked she mentioned that two months prior she had the procedure to collapse varicose veins.

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Bridging technique after hip surgery

Hip pain after hip repair

An athlete had a number of evaluations to figure out why her hip was still an issue almost a year post-surgery for a torn labrum. A fresh perspective was needed.

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after knee surgery

Knee flexion and tightness after replacement

Even with thorough planning, and pre-op exercises, the reality of post-surgical pain and discomfort is surprising to most people. See how Bridging was able to help at various points along the process of knee replacement recovery.

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Wrist rotation limitation and pain after the cast came off

Our client had been working out, finished, then fell, fracturing her arm. Common issues upon removal of a cast are muscle atrophy, inflexibility, poor control, and odd sensations of pulling and tightness. Adding Bridging results in a faster and more complete recovery.

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therapy after Achilles tendon surgery

Leg and core imbalances after repaired Achilles tear

Last March, a high school track star landed his long jump but couldn’t get back up–his Achilles was torn. Almost a year later they were amazed at how much just one session at Kinetic Konnections helped with strength and flexibility!

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Wondering if Bridging can help you?

When you have a medical procedure done, let Kinetic Konnections be your next stop. All invasive procedures have some impact to the fluency in which movement crosses through an area of the body. When a barrier is created from a procedure, stress is created which often translates to pain or tightness for you.

Often in one or two sessions our use of the Bridging Technique’s gentle movements restores your movement in the impacted area. You feel better, and often the area looks better! Less swelling, better movement, better coloration and faster overall recovery.