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Cara with client, Steve

Freak Injuries and Getting Back to ‘Normal’ ­čÖĆ

The theme for this week … when freak injuries happen Freak accidents, whether a sports injury, auto accident, or just a random thing, happen. Thankfully, the EMT’s stabilize us, and surgical teams can put us back together. However, your body often needs more to really feel normal again. Read on … Being active side-tracked by […]

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Cara with client, Amanda

How Much Walking Do You Need for a Health Benefit?

The theme for this week … how much activity translates to health benefits? Keeping up on emerging research about the relationship between activity and health is one of the important things we do for you. A new article recently published sheds new perspective on the amount of activity needed for health benefits. Read on … […]

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Cara with client, Ann

Relief for Ann’s Neck and Shoulder … Another Piece of the Puzzle!

The theme for this week … the body tells its story! Often your pain, balance, or coordination concerns seem to be a mystery. One of the most common sources of the physical micromovement disruption that we find is a forgotten fall. How do we find it? Our problem-solving process deciphers the body’s story. Read on […]

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Cara with client, Judy

How Much Activity? And, What Kind? Judy’s Choice, Dancing

The theme for this week … being active daily How much activity should you get daily and weekly? The gold standard of activity guidelines by American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and published by the Department of Health and Human Services were updated in 2019. You can find the full report here. Here are the […]

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Cara with client, Arvey

Knee Replacement Left You with Pain and Stiffness?

Micromovement disrupter: knee replacement surgery With over 600,000 performed in the U.S. in 2020, knee replacement surgery has become a somewhat routine surgical procedure. A common issue for many following their knee replacement is stiffness. We find the primary contributors to the knee stiffness are swelling and poor multi-dimensional function at the joint. Luckily, Bridging┬« […]

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