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Legs Talking Back with All the Walking and Running Happening?

Active time causing new aches and pains?

The weather is warming!

Your newly organized day has active time planned in.

You are out and about more. Great!

Your legs, however, are protesting. In recent weeks I’ve heard from people that their legs are not so happy with all the walking and running happening.

Kids’ leg muscles are also crying out, from growing. Increases in activity stimulate the bones and away they grow. Muscles, literally, get pulled along as the bones grow. The pain your children complain about is very real.

What to do?

A Bridging-based option, the video below shows you how to use playful movement to help leg muscles re-group. Reminder to keep it safe– your helper should wear a mask.

You’ve had an injury or past surgery on the lower body?

Your legs may benefit from more specific movement guidance. A virtual session is a simple way to find relief so you can avoid the COVID-20 (pounds, that is!) See below to schedule a Zoom call with me so you can feel better.

Bridging Moves for Aching Legs

Cara and her son demonstrate a quick way to help sore legs or growing legs re-group to feel better.

No special equipment needed. Once you get the hang of it, the movement takes less than a minute.

Does your body need some organizational help to stay active?
You can schedule a 30-minute virtual Zoom session by e-mailing Cara.
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.