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Teen student studies at home

Do You Struggle with How Your Child Sits for E-learning?

Maybe your child knows what works best for them

It’s already started.

You set up the perfect virtual school space so they can focus. But your child just won’t sit properly.

They prefer to

  • sit on their knees,
  • sit cross legged,
  • sit on the floor,
  • slouch on their bed, or
  • half stand.

Now what? Don’t sweat it. Your child may be studying in the way that actually works best for them, even if it doesn’t look right, or comfortable.

Choosing your battles

Recently, I met a young man who sat cross-legged in the chair when doing a fine motor assessment. His mom wanted him to sit ‘right’. I wanted him to sit how he felt he could work best.

Next, we did some comparisons to see if sitting cross-legged really made a difference. It did — his way was the way he could breathe more easily with better postural support.

Here are the three reasons why sitting differently or standing to concentrate may work better than traditional upright sitting.

Three reasons why sitting may not be best for your child to concentrate

At Kinetic Konnections, we find that alternative study positioning may provide better support for the visual system, breathing, and the core. Fatigue and stress are minimized when you let kids study in the posture that works best for them.

See below for two short videos where I explain the three reasons focus can be impacted by posture.

We find that kids intuitively know how they focus best. All you have to do is ask! It’s amazing when they feel like they have your permission to study in a way that works best for them. One less area of stress for both of you!

Sometimes there isn’t a comfortable position that works

For many reasons, often rooted in early development, your child just can’t figure out a way to sit or stand to focus. The good news is no matter the age, this body and head organization can change to make studying and focusing easier.

The gentle rocking movements of the Bridging® Technique quickly create these long-lasting changes. Children are amazed at how they feel more comfortable. Parents are amazed at how fast the ability to focus can change.

Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body optimally organized to behave, focus and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Our wishes to all for a smooth transition to the new school year!

Sitting differently may better support breathing and core

Sometimes sitting or standing in a different way can actually allow us to breath easier and cause less core muscle fatigue. Cara discusses this is more detail.

Sitting differently may better support visual function

Sometimes sitting or standing in a different way allows our body to support visual function better. Cara discusses why and a quick way to check a simple visual skill.


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