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man falls on ice

Slip and Fall? Three Ways Bridging® Can Help

Two days, three clients with falls. ‘Tis the season!

Only two days back in the office in the new year and we’ve seen three clients recovering from injuries related to falls. So many ways to slip and fall — stairs, sidewalk, and tripping. Please be careful!

As we worked through the Bridging movements with each client, they all felt the tension in their body relax in ways they didn’t even realize they needed. Balance was restored along with ease of motion.

When is the right time for some help?

  • A virtual session soon after the fall will help you feel more settled.
  • Let things heal for a week or two, then get your micromovements put back together with a virtual or in-person session.

Here are three aspects of falls and how Bridging is able to help.

Head vs. Ice

man falls on iceScenario:
Slipping on ice and rapidly hitting solid ground. Worst case is when your head breaks the fall.

How Bridging can help….
Heads bounce, necks and shoulders don’t. The micromovements connecting them each get all jumbled up. We systematically match up each segment and smooth out the coordination between each of the moving parts. We also check to see if vestibular and visual systems need to re-synch, and guide that process along.

You will feel like you can think clearly again!


Body vs. Ice

broken arm


Body weight suddenly slamming onto the ground which is a shock to your nervous system and your body.

How Bridging can help….
A fall wreaks havoc on both the structural system and the nervous system. The ortho takes care of the bones. We take a look at how the imbalance of movements may have upset your nervous system, and then rebalance the movements.

You will feel a calm you didn’t realize was missing. Ahh.


You Caught the Fall, and Still Hurt

fall on stairsScenario:
You were able to roll, or grab onto something to break the fall.

How Bridging can help…
In the process of avoiding the fall your body was still stressed in a sudden way. Micromovements are impacted in ways you can’t make sense of. You just know you’re not quite right, yet nothing is broken. We assess and rebalance the affected movements.

You will be able to get back to living your best life!


Don’t see a time in our schedule that works? Email and ask. We may be able to add time to help you get you back up and going.

Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body’s micromovements optimally organized to behave, focus and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Bridging Education Update:

Details are being finalized but the course will kick-off online with a flexible start date in January and February. The first webinar workshop will be in March.

Interested? Email Cara for more info.



Coming soon …

7 steps to calm


Kids driving you crazy, or having a hard time handling virtual school?

Coming soon is our new online program you can do with your children at home, allowing everyone to focus and be calmer.



You are now able to schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions online through the MindBody Fitness app!
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.