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Cara with client, Martha

Summer Adventures, Hiking, and Injuries. Sometimes Things Happen … 😣

The theme for this week … injuries from hiking Have you been outdoors doing an activity you love and suffered an injury? Hiking is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature and be active. It can also be fraught with danger. Read on … How common are hiking injuries? This 2022 summary from Hikers Daily […]

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follow up session with Cindy

Your Body Doesn’t Move Correctly? Might Be Prior Injuries

Coordination between your core, arms or legs have you feeling less than confident? At The Bridging® Institute, we find disruptors to movement fall into consistent categories. As you accumulate more of these over the years, your body is less able to bounce back and find a way to keep going. Life can easily become a […]

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Why Is the “WHEN” So Important to Helping us Help You?

Check out this diagram (click to enlarge) “When?” is one of the most important pieces of information we consider You have pain, balance, coordination concerns, or anxiety. As part of our process of getting you back on track physically or developmentally, we want to know what happened and when in order to understand how your […]

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a fall in the snow

Slip and Fall? 😩 2 Aspects of Falling Where You Feel Off or Sleep Poorly

According to the CDC in 2017, approximately 1 million Americans are injured annually as the result of falling on ice and snow. You were careful, but … down you went. 🙁 Nothing was broken, but you just don’t feel yourself. You might have gone to the urgent care to make sure all was ok. What […]

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