Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

What is Bridging?

Bridge /ˈbrij/

noun: A time, place, or means of connection or transition.

You most commonly think of a bridge as, literally, the structure connecting two points.

In my electrical engineering coursework (way back when), a ‘bridge’ was a connection between circuits, or audio systems.

Most people think separately of the body’s structural and nervous (electrical) systems. In reality, the two are highly intertwined by movement. The intersection of the physical structural system and nervous system is at the heart of the Bridging Technique.

How are structures and signals related to movement?

When a movement occurs, all the players in the body’s ecosystem — bones, blood vessels, nerves, skin, fascia, fat, and lymphatic tissue — move. This inner movement is the micromovement.

When these microstructures move, they create and send electrical signals back to the brain. The signals are commonly referred to as sensory feedback.

Coordination is sustainably reprogrammed instantaneously!

The organizing micromovements used in Bridging create both better structural alignment and new sensory feedback information. The structural and neurological changes reinforce each other yielding self-sustaining change.

The inner details are embedded in principles of physics. The tangible outward change for you is the magic — less pain, better movement, or continued development for a child.

Bridging was the perfect description for all these wonderful changes and hence became the name for this reorganizing process.

As a reminder, Kinetic Konnections is transforming into The Bridging Institute

After 15 years we’re moving into our next phase with a new name and more tightly focused mission — helping more people, in more ways.

Our goal at The Bridging Institute remains keeping your body’s micromovements optimally organized to self-regulate, focus, and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Did you see our news?

The Bridging Institute logoThe Bridging Institute

After 15 years we’re moving into our next phase. The Bridging Institute name and identity will be replacing Kinetic Konnections over the next few months.


Bridging BasicsWant to Learn the Bridging Technique?

This education course is designed for professionals to learn how to assess micromovements and reorganize the body to make fast, sustainable changes. A powerful tool to add to your professional toolbox!

The 2021 cohort kicks off Feb 26th. Here is the Bridging Basics 2021 Course Info (the link is fixed!)


kids working outBridging Solutions

Our first online program, 7 Steps to Calm, debuts in March.

This is our first on-demand program, with more to come, featuring a guided structure of movements for you to do at home to help your little ones.