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20 years

It’s Been 20 Years!

I sat in my kitchen 20 years ago with a grand idea of helping women move better to stay healthier. So much has changed since then, although fundamentally so much is the same. Join me in some reminiscing! Here are some of the highlights of The Bridging® Institute’s evolution: The mission expanded to helping everyone, […]

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What is Bridging?

Bridge /ˈbrij/ noun: A time, place, or means of connection or transition. You most commonly think of a bridge as, literally, the structure connecting two points. In my electrical engineering coursework (way back when), a ‘bridge’ was a connection between circuits, or audio systems. Most people think separately of the body’s structural and nervous (electrical) […]

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It’s Been a Peanutty Year — Celebrating 18! ????

Eighteen years on this journey Reflections … I could never have imagined where this journey helping people overcome their movement and developmental challenges would take me. Such a long way from my earlier career in engineering and power systems! Surprisingly, there are so many similarities. The power system principles and physics are my go-to when […]

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Beginning the New Year–January 12, 2017

Beginning the New Year Many of us set goals for the year and attainment of these goals generally involves an element of change. As the Change Model graphic shows, transition is essential.   What If We Are Stuck at The Transition? We consistently find that being stuck in a life transition correlates to being stuck […]

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Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock–August 26, 2016

Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock! I still have my lock, the combo engraved in my brain from frustration… The fear and frustration of sweaty fingers twirling the dial of the gym locker on the bottom row of lockers, trying not to be late to class. Yes, that’s why I remember the combo. Middle schools and […]

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A Holiday Without a Headache!–December 10, 2015

A Holiday Without a Headache! Until Dina found herself at Kinetic Konnections in early May, the mother of five was living a life of daily headache pain. “I totally love life without headaches,” she exclaims. “I have been limited for so many years and to now actually go back to doing stuff that I could […]

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Rear-End Collisions Create Major Muscle Havoc–October 23, 2014

Rear-End Pains No, not pain in the rear-end! A number of our adult clients have significant pains which coincidentally relate to impact patterns matching rear-end auto collisions. The other thing they have in common is the pains don’t fit any traditional injury patterns and standard therapeutic approaches yield limited improvement. Our clients want to function […]

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EMBC 2014 My Observations and Thoughts about Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering–what a hotbed of innovation and energy! I attended the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference 2014 last week and my head is still buzzing. The language of engineering was familiar but one I don’t get to use much on a daily basis–algorithms, smoothing techniques, sensors, modulators, and more. Although topics related to movement […]

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