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Original? Delta? Omicron? Long? ­čśÁ

Omicron, Delta, or Original?

Almost sounds like drink orders at a bar, right?

But which version you contracted wasn’t really a choice. For those of us who got Covid, we pretty much ended up with the catch of the day.

I had Omicron. It wasn’t nothing, but it wasn’t terrible. And, thankfully, no lasting effects that I’m aware of.

However, for many of you, lingering issues from the virus are still a concern.

You did your best but still managed to pick up COVID

So many people ended up with the virus in December and January. Did you?

Even with life returning to normal and your bout of the virus long past, you may be experiencing odd pains and fatigue. Or, your children may be driving you nuts with their poor self-regulation.

You may think of how you’re feeling as the effects of surviving another winter, or, just aging. However, we find it’s usually the aftermath of the body dealing with a virus.

4 common issues post-Covid

In the video below, Becki Logan (Bridging Specialist) and I talk about what you are experiencing post-Covid and why.

These are the key concerns:

  1. Tight or rounded shoulders
  2. Fatigue
  3. Feeling heavy or requiring so much effort to move
  4. Children who have sensory processing challenges, seem to be struggling to manage. (We forgot to mention this one in the video.)

If you’ve experienced any of these, you’ve likely tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or time with your mental health professional, but with limited results. Time to try another approach.

The key to finding the complete solution for feeling ‘right’ again is understanding how the immune system reacted, how the diaphragm function may have been compromised, and how these each impact the flow of movement in your core and body.

Assessing these layers of functional impact is fundamental within the Bridging® process and is what we use to quickly get you feeling and moving better!

Insights on Post-Covid Recovery

Join Becki Logan and me as we talk through the common impacts we are finding with our clients post-Covid, and what we do to relieve those impacts using the Bridging® Technique.

More to your full recovery …

At The Bridging® Institute our clients are often surprised by how fast they improve. Uniquely, our approach goes back to early development as the secret.

Recreating early layers of muscle and joint interconnections is the roadmap for sustainably resetting your (or your child’s) body after accidents, growth spurts or illness like Covid. Bridging┬« rebuilds the original movement foundation; your daily activity reinforces the better function.

Wondering if Bridging® can help you or your child feel and function better after a viral infection?

Fill out our intake form and we’ll get back to you with insights on how Bridging┬« can help. Virtual or in-office sessions are two options we offer to get you back to feeling your best.