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Cara with client, Claire

Yoga Breathing … Claire’s Quest for Deeper Breathing

The theme for this week … better breathing, from the beginning! There are myriad interactions between the many muscles used for breathing. These interactions can get off track before birth, during birth, and in the weeks following. This insight played a key role in helping this week’s video guest, Claire. So, how DO we begin […]

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Anxiety, Breathing, and Lower Body Traumas?

How your heart and lungs move during breathing: #biology — Slava Bobrov (@slava__bobrov) August 12, 2022 This illustration of breathing is so cool! I follow Slava Bobrov on Twitter for his amazing visualizations of the body and cells. Last week he shared this animation of breathing. I was in heaven! This animation (click on […]

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girl exhausted by long Covid

Yes, Long COVID and Diaphragm Have a Connection 😵

How can long COVID have so many lingering issues? According to the CDC, new or ongoing symptoms of long COVID may include: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath tiredness or fatigue difficulty thinking or concentrating cough chest and/or stomach pain headache heart palpitations joint and/or muscle pain pins and needles diarrhea sleep problems Many of […]

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