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Cara and patient with back pain

Long Term Back Pain Gone in Minutes. How?

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain impacts so many people on a daily or periodic basis!

I had the recent pleasure to meet a local internet media personality and former U.S. Marine who has had back pain for about 10 years. The chronic pain was just wearing him down. He was able to get through the day, but was never sure what he might do that would aggravate his back. His demanding entrepreneurial life didn’t allow for consistent support from chiropractic or therapy. And he was never sure which exercises would help or hurt.

Sound familiar?

His life was being negatively impacted by his chronic back issues. He avoided some activities that his peers were doing, and he could tell the fear of pain was sapping his mental energy. He was looking forward to his Bridging® session for help given a friend’s strong recommendation.

I had him complete our intake form to get some additional information to see what in his past might provide some insights for me. Understanding a person’s history is a key part of the Bridging process. Not much had happened to him, that he could recall. Hmm…

Long forgotten injuries

The day we met he let me know he remembered there had been an injury. He fell off of a ladder 10 years prior when he was in the service. Nothing was broken so he shook the pain off and went about his work in the days that followed. He had a similar incident a few years ago.

We got to work assessing to discover how his body was working. It turns out the falls did impact the integrity of how his core supports his overall movement. In a matter of minutes, I was able to use the gentle stretches and micromovements of the Bridging® Technique to restore his core movement.

After 10 years of caution, he felt so relaxed. He was amazed!

View the entire session 👀

See the entire experience in the debut episode of our new YouTube show, the Bridging® Insider. There will be two new episodes a month, and occasional follow-up episodes to see how the guests are doing weeks later. It’s been a blast to put the show together.

I hope you will enjoy learning about the fascinating ways that the structure and movement of the body support our well-being! And learning about how challenges can be alleviated by engaging the physics of the body.

The body is truly amazing!

Bridging® Insider:

10 years of back pain gone

In the first episode, meet Kit who has had back pain for years, and see how his pain was erased in just minutes. 

Cara takes you through each part of a typical session — gathering information, assessing, Bridging® movements, and reassessing.