Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

Directionally Challenged? Your Early Movement Holds a Key

The theme for this week … Yes, we work with little ones too. They are learning to be active, and being active helps them learn! Crawling is a well-known milestone in infant development, and for some it doesn’t quite come together. Does crawling still matter? Research says yes! Read on … Crawl now so your teen […]

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Cara with client, Steve

Freak Injuries and Getting Back to ‘Normal’ 🙏

The theme for this week … when freak injuries happen Freak accidents, whether a sports injury, auto accident, or just a random thing, happen. Thankfully, the EMT’s stabilize us, and surgical teams can put us back together. However, your body often needs more to really feel normal again. Read on … Being active side-tracked by […]

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Cara with client, Martha

Summer Adventures, Hiking, and Injuries. Sometimes Things Happen … 😣

The theme for this week … injuries from hiking Have you been outdoors doing an activity you love and suffered an injury? Hiking is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature and be active. It can also be fraught with danger. Read on … How common are hiking injuries? This 2022 summary from Hikers Daily […]

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Cara with client, Sarena

Vision and Activity … Linked in Ways You Wouldn’t Think

The theme for this week … vision impacts our ability to be active Often your pain, balance, or coordination concerns seem to be a mystery. Sometimes your vision is part of the puzzle. Read on … Vision and movement You likely take for granted how your vision affects your confidence and/or ability to be active. […]

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Cara with client, Claire

Yoga Breathing … Claire’s Quest for Deeper Breathing

The theme for this week … better breathing, from the beginning! There are myriad interactions between the many muscles used for breathing. These interactions can get off track before birth, during birth, and in the weeks following. This insight played a key role in helping this week’s video guest, Claire. So, how DO we begin […]

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Cara with client, Judy

How Much Activity? And, What Kind? Judy’s Choice, Dancing

The theme for this week … being active daily How much activity should you get daily and weekly? The gold standard of activity guidelines by American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and published by the Department of Health and Human Services were updated in 2019. You can find the full report here. Here are the […]

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Cara with client, Zakiya

Exercise Plans Side-tracked? Do Past Injuries Make Things Harder?

She wanted to get back to exercising for her health. How did Bridging® help? In the latest Bridging Insider video, we meet Zakiya whose exercise routine has been side-lined while caring for her son who has special needs. She’s had two key physical traumas over the years and she wants to make sure she is […]

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