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Cara works with client after hip replacement

Strength and Balance Off? Might Be More Aspects to Your Surgical Recovery!

Fatigue, strength, and balance concerns

In the latest Bridging Insider video we meet John who wants to get back into a healthier lifestyle after being side-lined over the past few years with a degenerated hip. A new hip got rid of the source of his pain, and he was ready to get moving again!

However, as he progressed through his recovery period, he noticed his balance could be better. Even more annoying was that his leg got weaker as the day progressed. He found that using walking sticks enabled outdoor activity, but they weren’t helping with the overall fatigue as much as he hoped.

As you’ll see in the video, Bridging was able to assess the after-effects of his hip surgery and put the specific gaps back together.

John’s update a week after the session ­čĹč­čĹč­čĹč

“Yes, I’m feeling more strength in my legs. Saturday I went for a 2 mile Nordic walk through a cemetery by our house. Mostly flat roads but some rolling hills. I was tired afterward but felt good.

I’m steadily going up stairs with my right leg. Also more even going down stairs with both legs. Just a minor drop off with my right leg going down stairs, much better than before.”

At The Bridging® Institute, we find disruptors to movement fall into consistent categories. As you accumulate more of these over the years, your body is less able to bounce back and find a way to keep going. Life can easily become a vicious circle of exercise, maintenance, and fatigue.

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