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More Reasons the Diaphragm is Key to Your Pains, Fatigue, and more…­čś│

Insights to the many ways your diaphragm should support you … The diaphragm affects everything! When I teach Bridging┬« we spend a lot of time discussing diaphragm connections and function, as well as the events in a person’s background which likely impact diaphragm function. This is why: “The diaphragm affects everything in the body, AND […]

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EMBC 2014 My Observations and Thoughts about Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering–what a hotbed of innovation and energy! I attended the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference 2014 last week and my head is still buzzing. The language of engineering was familiar but one I don’t get to use much on a daily basis–algorithms, smoothing techniques, sensors, modulators, and more. Although topics related to movement […]

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